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H Blocks. Belfast. 1981. Bobby Sands embarks on hunger strike in pursuit of political status. On day 66 he dies. Nine other prisoners would die before the strike is called off.

An exhilarating and visceral portrayal of one man’s attempt to maintain his identity told through poetry, dance and Irish music.

This highly physical, contemporary dance explores the brutality and humanity within the poetry and prose, written in secret by Sands whilst behind bars.

Accompanied live by the traditional Irish drum - the bodhrán,  and the voices of former  Republican prisoners, this socio-politically charged show looks at themes of oppression, resistance and freedom, bringing to the forefront the historic and complex relationship between Ireland and Britain.


Choreographer/Director/Producer - Caitlin Barnett

Dancers - Michael Kelland, Miles Kearley, Richard Pye, Sean Moss

Bodhrán player - Joe Danks

Former prisoner volunteers - Laurence McKeown, Colm Scullion, Rosie McCorley

Composer - Jean-Loup Pinson

Lighting Design - Charlotte McAdam

Poetry consultant - Danny Morrison

Original devising cast - Dakarayi Mashava, Michael Kelland, Richard Pye, Sean Moss

Photography - Fabio Santos

Supported by Streatham Space Project, Bobby Sands Trust, using public funding from Art Council England. Sponsored by Féile an Phobail

"Deeply moving. A truly thought-provoking piece."


- Audience feedback

"Very poignant, very touching. The whole choreography was just stunning."

- Audience  feedback

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