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Caitlin Barnett is an emerging choreographer creating powerful, thought-provoking work that packs a punch! She was awarded the Ignition Elevate bursary and commissioned by DanceWest in 2018. In 2019 she was awarded 'Best Short Performance' for her work 'Wovoka's Prophecy' at the International Youth Arts Festival 2019.

Caitlin is drawn most to the stories of those that are brushed under the carpet or forgotten about; that teach us about our history and challenge perceptions, all of which compel her to find ways to humanise these characters through dance.

Taking inspiration from various dance styles and genres has allowed Caitlin to forge an artistic voice that continues to evolve whilst remaining distinctly her own. Music and rhythm play a vital role - creating atmosphere; driving the movement; evoking a character, all of which produce an experience that is immediate and compelling.



Caitlin's most recent work Comrades in the Dark premiered at Streatham Space Project in 2019 with support from Arts Council England:

"We were delighted with Comrades in the Dark at Streatham Space Project. Engaging and moving, it was an education for us on the power of dance to tell a story, and has opened up our thinking to programming more of it as a medium.The company also did a fantastic job in bringing in a dance audience to the venue, which could be the start of a potential segment for us."


Andy McKean (Creative Director, Streatham Space Project)

“The performers of Caitlin Barnett Company put their feet down - metaphorically and literally - and re-energise the whole theatre.”

- Asteropi Tia Chatzinikola

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