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Winner of Best Short Performance at the International Youth Arts Festival 2019


Based around the vision of Paiute leader Wovoka and the religious dance movement known as the Ghost Dance, Wovoka's Prophecy is a high-powered and visceral portrayal of a movement that would preceed the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890 whereby several hundred Lakota Indians (mainly women and children) were killed by Amercian soldiers.


Haunting, yet potent, this work explores the collision of ritual and colonialism.




Aaliyah Francis, Amelia Long, Hattie Allen, Isabelle Ouattara, Laura Hague, Molly Price, Mollie Stebbing

Choreographed by Caitlin Barnett for the Emerging Dance Platform at the International Youth Arts Festival, co-curated by Dance West and Creative Youth. Images by Tangle Photography.

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